Client Services

Clients Wanting To Get Started

Washington Job Placement Services receives clients referred to us by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are interested in working with Washington Job Placement Services the first step will be to attend Orientation at DVR located at:

1000 Kresky Avenue Centralia Washington 98531
or call:

Toll free(800) 830-2791
Voice/TTY(360) 807-7000
TTY(360) 807-6241
FAX(360) 807-6240

Specific Services

After you are referred to us by DVR, Washington Job Placement Services will assist you in finding and keeping a job.

Washington Job Placement Services offers 3 Primary Service Plans:

  • Community Based Assessment: A Community Based Assessment or CBA is utilized when more information is needed for the purpose of assuring successful placement into paid employment. First, a work site is mutually agreed upon by the client, the DVR counselor and Washington Job Placement Services. Next, the client works at the site for a specified period of time, typically one 20 hours week, while an assigned Job Coach assesses various aspects of employability such as endurance, dependability, and motivation. After the Community Based Assessment the client may move to a Job Placement Plan.
  • Job Placement: Clients may be placed directly into a Job Placement Plan. Washington Job Placement Services will assist clients in creating targeted resumes, in job searches and in preparing for job interviews. We will mediate, negotiate and advocate for each client while communicating with potential employers to secure an employment opportunity appropriate for our client. After successful Job Placement the client may be provided with a Job Retention Plan.
  • Job Retention: After Job Placement a Job Coach is assigned to our client for 90 calendar days to make sure all goes well after the job starts. The job coach will help with any issue that may arise and advocate on behalf of our clients. This is called a Job Retention Plan.
  • Employer Services

    Employers Looking for the “Right Fit”

    Pre-Screening: No more guessing. Washington Job Placement Services believes in and respects our client’s abilities. We also know that that everyone has different and varying abilities. For the employer, the employee, and Washington Job Placement Services, we know that success means not only getting but keeping the job. You can trust us to provide a great employee for your business as we expect our clients to realize the great potential they have and be a great asset to your business. It is Washington Job Placement Services policy and responsibility to make every effort possible to assure a great fit for both the employee and employer.